Who I am

It’s always very difficult to describe the real role of music in people’s life. It has always been present and it has always had its influence on the world’s audience. But there was a point in my life when I started wondering if I see any sense in maintaining my music passion as I did not see any reason for my music to exist. I got interested in different subject such as physics, chemistry, biology, economy and business. The science was totally intriguing and fresh, I really enjoyed reading about more mathematical approach. I was also struggling as an artist because I didn’t fit my image of a true creator. I am not one of those artists always flying in the clouds and being constantly inspired. Then, after my break with music, I realised that rarely there are artists fitting this description. And I realised why I decided to follow my musical path. Because I know my music is my medium for sharing experiences with people. And these mutual experiences can also lead to great discoveries. Because people liking my music can teach me something new in the other subjects of my interest.


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