Man in the fog

It is the most advanced track I have ever published. I know it’s not perfect because the mid-range frequencies are overly exposed, there are some tempo issues and other stuff that comes with lack of experience – still so much to learn! But this is also the most pushing forward experience I could serve myself at the moment. I created it totally consciously with every details in my mind. I had to find different ways to express certain things, to achieve specific goals. But there it is – totally mine. Lyrics, music and production by Dominik Brendan. I hope you’ll enjoy it despite those imperfect details. This is also a bit more commercial production comparing to the previous ones. I believe it’s not a disadvantage. The most important thing – don’t be afraid of a man in the fog!

Music/lyrics: Dominik Brendan
Producer: Dominik Brendan


Darkness covers city streets Fog swathes every lamp You need to walk under the bridge There’s no other way

Then you see a shape of a man Not so far away Wind brings cold straight to your heart With every breath you take

A man in the fog You’ve seen him before You’ll see him again Sometimes day after day Look into his eyes He’ll certainly smile But never run off The man in the fog

Closer, closer You are getting To that manly shape You can hear the steps he’s making Tapping on the brick

There’s no other sound but silence Broken by your steps One could almost smell his fragrance Made of many smells

A man in the fog…

Then the light reveals his face It’s an older, smiling man Says good evening with such grace Lifting the hat on his head And walks away

A man in the fog… (x2)


Brighter than you think

This is the second song I decided to publish. It describes how depression infects our minds. And that we can fight with it!

Music/lyrics: Dominik Brendan


Once I had a sun in heart Shining bright miles apart Deeply run with energy

Having night and day to dream

Then, I felt hand of dark

Trying grasp the sun in my heart

Soft, slither skin of shark

Eyes so shiny, fangs so sharp


No, I won’t bow to the darknes

sun shines brighter than you can bear

Once again I could connect

I was stronger to protect

There were more dreams I could chase

Flying high with greatest grace


But I feel hand of dark

chasing sun thath’s in my heart

Cold, icy breath of death

I just need to reconnect


No, I won’t bow to the darknes

sun shines brighter than you think


Once I had a sun in heart

Shining bright miles apart

Dark hand would grasp it tightly

But I was brave enough to fight


Woman in Black

This is the first song I have published.

Music/lyrics: Dominik Brendan


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