I was inspired to write this song during one of phone conversations with my friend. We were talking about sabotaging ourselves, being violent and merciless when we fail.

Most of the time it is us who hurt ourselves the most.

“You are the punisher
For sins you don’t commit
Fighting for your innocence”

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The song tells about fear that we have to face. I imagined it as an older man that is basically a kind of advisor that we shouldn’t be afraid of.

“A man in the fog
You’ve seen him before
You’ll see him again
Sometimes day after day
Look into his eyes
He’ll certainly smile”

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“Brighter than you think” is a statement that we could say to depression some people need to fight every day.

“Then, I felt hand of dark
Trying grasp the sun in my heart
Soft, slither skin of shark
Eyes so shiny, fangs so sharp”


My first song, released in 2016. I am so proud of it and I have sentiment to it. Woman in Black is a metaphor for politics that rules the world.

“She can easily switch lives of a king and beggar”
“No feelings, just calculations”

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