I am taking part in a scoring competition

A month ago Spitfire, one of the most renowned producers of virtual orchestra libraries announced a contest for composers to score one of HBO’s series, “Westworld”. I decided to take part in the contest! I am not expecting any outcome as I believe there will be plenty of more talented people taking place. But I am very happy that I decided to challenge myself. Please, have a look at Dolores and her companions fighting enemies in the rhythm of my music!

12 Rules for Life

Rules for chaos

I think I started reading this book in the right time. We are facing unprecedented outcome of the pandemic, the whole cities are being locked down and our lives are being at stake of fundamental changes. 12 Rules for Life provides us with an inventory of modern life’s concerns about changes in our world. Jordan Peterson provides us with different arguments and scientific research to support his ideas which always works for me. Science above all. Things that I learned from the book World isn’t a utopia One of the first things Peterson states in the book is that we do not live in an idyllic world that embraces human dreams of peaceful nature, harmony with the world and all those things that I personally wanted to believe in. Nature isn’t friendly. Nature doesn’t care about weak. It doesn’t care so much that it lets brains of lobsters dissolve when

1, 2, 3 out on Streaming Services

“1, 2, 3” out!

It took me a while to manage to correct one mistake that I made when scheduling this release. It is nothing new – it contains my first three songs that remain unchanged. I was very pleased that I received screenshots from my friends Spotify showing that I appeared on their RADAR 🙂 It will be soon available on different streaming platforms. Click here to listen on your preferred platfom.

Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert Cover

Freeing myself from depressive art

I believe that most of artists have gone through this period of being completely convinced that art is painful. I used to be one of the artists for one specific reason – I expected myself to be creative all the time, always professional and making no mistakes. So I stopped creating completely because every time I was thinking about making music or writing, I would instantly freeze. It was the fear of failing at my workstation. As if there was someone sitting next to me and laughing when I was looking for noob solutions. Not a fan of that state, I have to admit Then I found a TED talk of a fairly unknown for me writer, Elizabeth Gilber (visit her website here), talking about how silly my thinking was. See yourself. On of the sentences that drilled a hole in my brain was You are not a genius. You

My biggest musical inspirations in 2019

2020 is coming and we are starting a new decade. That is why it is important for me to have a sum up of my musical inspirations for this year. Especially for this year and also because I started writing down my thoughts in my newly re-discovered Moleskine bullet journals. As we know, Spotify helped everyone understanding the trends that they were influenced by this year by creating a, much more appreciated than YouTube, rewind for its subscribers. That will be one of my resources but not only, as I listen to music on different media including Apple Music, my private CD collection, theatre and of course YouTube. Let’s start then. LSD (ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth) Despite being a musician, I am strongly attached to my favourite music coming back to different albums from the past. I am still more keen on listening to Queen, Barbra Streisand, Evanescence and many

“1, 2, 3” soon available on streaming services!

Hey! I decided to publish my first three songs to all streaming services. They will be reaching the services on a special day, Friday 13th. I didn’t edit them so you will be able to hear my production level from that time. The songs that are going to be published are: Woman in Black The first song I’ve ever published on the Internet. I still have a sentiment to it. I remember, I composed it in Sibelius using music notation which these days seems incredibly outdated. But I still do that and it makes me think clearer. Despite being a very digital person, putting things on paper allows me to think clearer. Brighter than you think My least favourite song but at the same time I believe I slightly underrate it. It’s a pop rock song with deep pianos and vocals. I remember being so proud of my progress compared

Where did the rock go?

I am a cheerful person. I laugh and I believe that I can make people laugh. But something made me ask this question – where did I lose my enjoyment in making and performing music? Yesterday, I went to a musical with my friends, “School of Rock”. The play targets mostly young people who enjoy this pretty obvious story of a fat rockman with no job that accidentally gets hired in a private, conservative school and turns the place upside down bringing revolution to the kids’ lives. Quite boring story for someone who’s seen many interpretations of the same archetype but I have to admit that the kids were amazing! The harmonies, their instrument skills etc. Something very impressive. I don’t know where my rock is There was also one character in the show, Rosalie, the school director who once was full of passion and rock’n’roll but then she “got

Imitator hits streaming services

On 1st of May, “Imitator”, my song that was supposed to be a joke for the April Fool’s Day and turned out to be quite popular and well acclaimed will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc. If you’d like to listen to it now, feel free to watch the lyrics video on YouTube! Please, keep your eye on it! Also, I am coming back to writing monthly newsletters as my routine.

Let me explain how I created “Imitator”

Hello, I have recently published a video where I explain how I created one of my newest projects – “Imitator”. The song was supposed to be a joke song but turned out to be featured on an Asian website and was fairly successful on streaming services (compared to my other songs that weren’t successful at all!) You can watch the video below.