Dis- and re-connecting

How important is it to re-evaluate our relationship with technology?
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Cal Newport, as most probably some of you may be aware, is one of my favourite contemporary authors. Despite the “coaching” attitude, he has nothing to do with typical motivators. As a scholar, he looks for problems, researches them and then tries to provide us with certain solutions. He also has a blog.

And that is also valid for our modern problem – our addiction to digital media, especially social platforms that we all love so much. He states how it has become an expectation to have those platforms and how people, who cherish deep, focused work try to avoid them at all costs.

I think that my favourite part is the discussion about our attention span and how it has been diminishing over the years. Cal states that we teach our brains that disrupted attention is something normal by watching short, very dynamic YouTube videos. It has become such a problem that some of us have problems with following a film’s plot from start to finish.

What are my conclusions from the book?

  • I deleted most of social apps from my phones and left only those that are important for me and my work
  • In my browser, I created a quick access bar with my preferred to-do app being the first icon I see to remember that I should make and revise my tasks daily
  • I created a list of things that I measure my productivity with and now I can feel satisfaction when I make them (check my Patreon for the insight video!)

I strongly recommend everyone, who feels unsatisfied and depressed by their relationship with technology to read the book.

Cal Newport Digital Minimalism Cover
Cal Newport – “Digital Minimalism”

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