Freeing myself from depressive art

Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert Cover
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I believe that most of artists have gone through this period of being completely convinced that art is painful. I used to be one of the artists for one specific reason – I expected myself to be creative all the time, always professional and making no mistakes.

So I stopped creating completely because every time I was thinking about making music or writing, I would instantly freeze. It was the fear of failing at my workstation. As if there was someone sitting next to me and laughing when I was looking for noob solutions. Not a fan of that state, I have to admit

Then I found a TED talk of a fairly unknown for me writer, Elizabeth Gilber (visit her website here), talking about how silly my thinking was. See yourself.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about geniuses

On of the sentences that drilled a hole in my brain was

You are not a genius. You have a genius.

What a freeing idea. So can I really be this sluggish and clumsy Dominik that I am in my personal life? Can I create with mistakes? Finally, do I think it would be possible to ignite the passion for music once again? That would be cool!

And then I discovered the book. The book that goes deeper into what Elizabeth discussed in the video. So, if you are an artist and you would like to have pure joy from your art once again, then I highly recommend you to read it.

Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic Cover

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