How focused can you be?

Why is it important to embrace deep focus state and how to achieve that?
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As a millenial, I don’t have much to be happy about. According to most of the forecasts, I will:

  • never own a property.
  • be changing jobs roughly every two years.
  • soon be replaced by an automated system that will do my job much better than I could ever imagine.

This is not a very colourful future, is it? But, luckily, there is a chance for me. According to the author, Cal Newport (who wrote another amazing book), there is a group of people that will survive the coming times of AI replacements. The members of the group could be describe as:

  1. Quick learners that acquire difficult knowledge and skills very quickly
  2. Very skilled and efficient workers who minimise the time needed to finish a project
  3. Celebrities in their fields

Most probably, if you own one of these assets, you can easily achieve the rest. So how do we become one of those people? By deep work – an ability to focus deeply for a long period of time. Cal Newport states that 4 hours is the most realistic achievement.

A list of steps you need to take to achieve this would be too complex to include it here that is why I encourage you to get a copy. I have read the book four times and most likely I will go back to read it again.

Get it here.

Cal Newport Deep Work Cover
Cal Newport – “Deep Work”

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