2020 is coming and we are starting a new decade. That is why it is important for me to have a sum up of my musical inspirations for this year. Especially for this year and also because I started writing down my thoughts in my newly re-discovered Moleskine bullet journals.

As we know, Spotify helped everyone understanding the trends that they were influenced by this year by creating a, much more appreciated than YouTube, rewind for its subscribers. That will be one of my resources but not only, as I listen to music on different media including Apple Music, my private CD collection, theatre and of course YouTube. Let’s start then.

LSD (ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth)

Despite being a musician, I am strongly attached to my favourite music coming back to different albums from the past. I am still more keen on listening to Queen, Barbra Streisand, Evanescence and many others than Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. It’s just because when I find something of good quality, I really want to know it.

But with this album, it was different. I discovered it by accident visiting Sia’s website with “Heaven can wait” lyric video. I loved the song and then the others came different ways – someone recommended me a song, I discovered it by listening to the album on Spotify or I just heard it on the radio.

This music made me rediscover myself as an artist and I decided not to follow the trends as I have been trying for such a long time. That caused me being unhappy with my music and from now on, I decided to simply follow my taste. Thank you, LSD.

One of the masterpiece songs, “It’s Time”

Bohemian Rhapsody and Queen

I don’t think anyone needs to be introduced to Queen and Freddie Mercury. I had a very bad period when I was considering quitting my dreams about becoming a respected performer when one of my singing students insisted on learning “We are the Champions”. When we listened to the demo provided by the exam provider, I was very disappointed. We decided to watch Freddie himself and then I realised that I don’t want to quit. That it’s been my dream for such a long time and I know that I can make living from that.

I believe Rami Malek did a good job as a Freddie’s impersonator. So congratulations!

Freddie Mercury live @ Live Aid

Jon Bellion

This is one of my biggest inspirations of this year. Handsome and talented, overly active music producer and songwriter was recommended to me by Juli Strawbridge who I had a few Skype calls with recently. Maybe his music is not my personal cup of tea but I listen to it from a different perspective – looking for his creativity. What is also interesting – he publishes videos from his creative sessions. Check one of them here.

Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang describes himself as a “music prodigy” and is definitely one the artists that make me jealous of their creativity. His music varies from pop ballads to dance tracks. One of my favourite pieces this year was his “Lake Louise” that he recorded entirely in a frozen lakeside!

Andrew Huang “Lake Louise” music video


Cher was one of my biggest surprises this year after I saw Madonna’s performance on the Eurovision Song Contest. Looking for other artists of similar age and checking out how they were doing, I found this video of Cher’s performance and I was amazed. She is not only a good person but also a very energetic and cheerful performer. She has a distance to her look and she always jokes about it in her interviews.


For those unfamiliar with classical music, Rachmaninov is a Russian composer that has been my inspiration for such a long time! My music composition teacher was a great fan of this energetic writer and she didn’t need to convince to become one too! If you are not familiar with classical music and the idea of listening to Chopin or Mozart sounds boring, have a listen (and watch) of Evgeny Kissin playing one of my favourite pieces masterfully! He has not only given the most emotional performance of the piece but also has the proper hair cut to deserve the title of a classical musician. You can sense the Russian blood in the piece and the performance!

Evgeny Kissin plays Rachmaninov’s “Prelude in G minor”

Kora Jackowska

One of the most energetic Polish rock stars of the age before I was born. She was present on the stage until she passed away. She was an honest, straightforward and very warm person. Her last project was “Must be the music” where she was a judge. She was so characteristic and amazing! Please, have a listen to one of her last live performances!


I hope you enjoyed it! Please, let me know what your inspirations are and lets have a nice discussion about them 🙂

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