“1, 2, 3” soon available on streaming services!

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Hey! I decided to publish my first three songs to all streaming services. They will be reaching the services on a special day, Friday 13th. I didn’t edit them so you will be able to hear my production level from that time.

The songs that are going to be published are:

Woman in Black

The first song I’ve ever published on the Internet. I still have a sentiment to it. I remember, I composed it in Sibelius using music notation which these days seems incredibly outdated. But I still do that and it makes me think clearer. Despite being a very digital person, putting things on paper allows me to think clearer.

Brighter than you think

My least favourite song but at the same time I believe I slightly underrate it. It’s a pop rock song with deep pianos and vocals. I remember being so proud of my progress compared to Woman in Black!

A man in the fog

I think this is my favourite song in terms of music production. Lots of effects and instruments, slightly stressed vocals and my last song produced in Logic Pro X. Oh, sentiments!

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